A collection celebrating the "craftsmanship" of a region and nation in turmoil. "Seven" by RAIYA is inspired by original, traditional Palestinian and Jordanian embroidery (Tatreez), re-purposed for a luxurious, modern and global look. An ode to the beauty in heritage that unites!
The collection will be physically produced on-demand, upon order. The embroidered textiles will be both hand and machine crafted by local Jordanian communities of craftswomen, including refugees, supporting government and NGO initiatives.
Each garment comes with both a digital version (a rare collectible and passport serving the purpose of transparency, provenance and authenticity), which can also be stored in digital wardrobes to use in virtual spaces, as well as a physical garment to wear in real life. 
Most of the garments are one-of-one, and some are one of a limited number. All garments are made to order and will take 4-8 weeks to be produced, along with the shipping time.
Our Process
1. Garment is ordered. 
 2. We get in touch to collect custom body measurements, discuss requirements and customisation.
3. Garment is Digitally produced first for a virtual try on, for client approval.
4.  Physical Production.
5. Garment is shipped to owner!
Traditional Craftsmanship (Physical Production)
Digital Craftsmanship (3D Digital Fashion)
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